In practice, the most limited liability companies are established and therefore, the problems related to the limited liability companies, the management relations, the powers and responsibilities of the directors and managers are more and more present in the daily life and the legal problems related to the limited liability companies are more prevalent.

The limited company is represented by the director or board of directors. Managed business and transactions are carried out by the directors. Managers are obliged to act diligently and to protect the interests of the company while performing their duties assigned to them by law and company contract. One is the religion of authority and the authorities are the situations where the managers can save from responsibility.

The directors may transfer the duties and authorities assigned to them by law or corporation contract based on the blood. But they are obliged to give due care to the choice of the person whom they transfer. In the event that this is demonstrated, the duties and authorities shall not be responsible for the actions and decisions of the persons taking over.