nowaydays most of people lives at apartments . So they have to pay some common expenses. ıf They don't pay in time?

What is its sanction?

ent life required people to live in apartments, buildings or collective buildings. For the peaceful continuation of living together, the expenses of the main building and common areas must be paid regularly by the landowners or the users of the independent section. The floor owners participate in some expenses equally and in some part they participate in the share of the land. Equal expenses: While concierge, guard, heating and gardening expenses, Expenses to be included in the share of the land share are the expenses excluding the insurance expenses of the main structure, maintenance, repair, protection, strengthening, expenses, operating expenses of the common places, administrative expenses (such as the manager's salary) and expenses that must be paid as equal. It is also possible that a formal procedure can be determined in the management plan or in the establishment of a condominium / registration, or in the following process it is possible to conclude an agreement contrary to the floor owners, taking into account the legal rates. What will be the sanction if the floor owners do not pay the general expenses? The manager or each floor owner will be able to sue the floor owner (s) who do not pay and perform enforcement proceedings. Those who use the independent section as the goverment are also jointly and severally responsible with the floor owner. The overdue pay of the overheads that are not paid in time is 5% per month and you will also have to pay fair interest. A legal mortgage may be placed on the independent part of the floor owner who does not pay the general expense debt despite the case and enforcement proceedings. Overhead receivables have priority in joining foreclosures. The most severe sanction of not fulfilling the obligation to participate in general expenses is the obligation to transfer the ownership of the floor !! The independent part of the floor owner who violates his obligation to participate in general expenses (dues) three times in two calendar years may be transferred with equal share to the claimant floor owners with the lawsuit to be opened based on the decision of the majority of the other floor owners.

Mehmet ÖZGEN